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Winter HVAC Prep

6 Winter HVAC To-Do Prep

1) Schedule HVAC Winter Tune-Up

Ensure that your heating equipment is in top shape before winter. Call Exodus Mechanical for a thorough inspection. As the winter months approach, you don't want to be left in the cold due to poorly functioning equipment!

2) Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replace your temporary furnace filter or do some cleaning if you are using a permanent filter.

You can find your furnace filter near your indoor HVAC equipment – either by a register in the equipment cabinet or in your attic

. A dirty filter can cause costly repairs.

3) Ensure Optimal Airflow by Cleaning HVAC Units

Blocked airflow is the most common factor in preventing your HVAC from running optimally.

Rake around the outdoor equipment and remove anything that can potentially clog the condenser. Remove all the fallen leaves and trim dangling branches of any trees outside that could interfere with the efficiency of the unit.

We also recommend that you thoroughly clean the condenser as it can add to the lifespan of your equipment in addition to boosting efficiency.

4) Seal All Leaks to Keep the Warm Air Inside

Do you sometimes unexpectedly feel a cool breeze even when the heater is turned on? This situation usually happens when you have air leaks around your doors and windows. Air leaks compromise the efficiency of your HVAC system and increase your utility bills.

5) Don’t Ignore Safety Measures

Carbon monoxide can be lethal. Certain heating devices can release these dangerous gases. You should always make sure to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Set a reminder!

6) Other factors to Consider

Don’t place TV, lamps, coffee pots or any other heat-producing objects underneath a wall-mounted thermostat. Any rising heat from the devices may cause an improper reading. The thermostat should be on an interior wall, located out of direct sunlight and away from doors and windows.

Professional Services

When it comes to HVAC tune-up, there are certain tasks best left to professionals.

Heating systems are essentially a combination of highly sensitive equipment that requires regular maintenance to enhance performance and operational efficiency. We recommend scheduling a visit by Exodus Mechanical before winter sets in.

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